Tuesday, Business First — a publication based in Buffalo, New York — released an ranking of the top public colleges in America. The University of Michigan placed second in the rankings, a drop from its first place ranking in 2015.  

The University declined to comment on the ranking. 

The University’s first place spot was taken this year by the University of North Carolina, which was the runner up in the 2015 rankings.

According to the study, the University scored 97.621 points out of 100. The ranking of 477 four-year public universities is based on 20-part formula created to indicate which institutions offer their students the best educational experience.

The formula looks at indicators of excellence, diversity, prestige, affordability and economic strength.The breakdown of the statistics looked at for each university covers a wide range of departments. It includes the school’s admissions process, economic communities, tuition, retention rates, diversity, reputations, resources and housing costs.

All the statistical information that was reported was from the National Center for Education Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. Other publications’ college rankings — such as the U.S. News and Forbes — were also taken into consideration.

The University is ranked first among the 15 Michigan institutions that were included in the study. The second was Michigan State University in 37th place, and Michigan Technological University in 124th place. 

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