Dearborn native Diana Hussein recently donated 41,000 bottles of water for Flint residents by selling her Twitter handle, @DietDrPepper.

Hussein sold the handle to Dr Pepper Snapple Group for $5,000, according to the Detroit Free Press. Flint is currently undergoing a water crisis due to high levels of lead found in their water supply, a result of corrosion in pipes that transported water throughout the city after a water supply switch.

She told the Free Press she first created her account before Twitter became as popular as it is today, choosing her name arbitrarily because the soda can was near her when she was setting up her account.

In 2013, Hussein reached out to Dr Pepper’s parent company, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, to see if they were interested in buying her account.

Originally, DPSG offered to take over her account in exchange for free merchandise. Hussein hesitated to take the offer, she later found out that DPSG also owned the DeJa Blue water brand which led to her making a new offer to DPSG. The company eventually settled on the 41,000 bottle donation toward Flint.

Hussein urged people to continue donating and finding ways to help the community.

“When you hear about what they’re having to do right now it doesn’t seem like there could be enough water,” Hussein said.


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