Camp Kesem, a student organization at the University of Michigan tabled in Mason Hall Monday to sell tickets for a benefit concert next Tuesday, April 12. The concert aims to raise funds for their organization.

Camp Kesem sends children who have one or more parents with cancer to a camp to connect and bond through their shared experiences. LSA freshman Kaitlin McKernan said she believes the organization’s mission is very impactful for young people.

“It gives the kids a community where they can be with other kids who have been through the same thing and it just gives them a family and a break from what’s going on at home,” she said.

Tabling in Mason Hall is not their only method of fundraising, McKernan added.

“We’ve been fundraising individually and we’ve been doing different events. We’ve been bucketing, doing events like these concerts, bake sales,” she said.

Musical groups that will be performing at the concert include Rella, Shaaka, G-Men, Parkway and Columbia and My Girlfriend Beau.

58 Greene Acapella was also tabling for a concert Monday. They plan to host a concert Friday featuring appearances from dance groups funKtion and EnCore.

The acapella show is titled “Greenovirus,” which Music, Theatre & Dance sophomore Timothy Everett said was a pun.

“It’s a play off of the norovirus epidemic that went on campus,” he said. “We kind of spinned it to have our own mutation of the virus, but this is just the theme; it doesn’t have anything to do with what we’re actually going to perform.”

Like Camp Kesem, tabling in Mason Hall is not their only method of accruing an audience for their performances. Most of their sales, Everett said, are made outside of Mason Hall, which he added is not a venue that usually attracts most people for ticket sales.

“We don’t usually sell super well from the table, we do a lot of individual sales outside selling by ourselves,” he said. “This is good just for getting recognition out. This is really good for just people seeing our name, people seeing faces they recognize and just being reminded that there’s a concert.”

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