The Michigan Daily is introducing a new rotating item, Tents and Tables, that seeks to highlight campus activities on the Diag and near the posting wall in Angell Hall. 

Student organizations tabled at Angell Hall and the basement of the Union to raise funds for the Flint water crisis and Students Helping Honduras.

The National Council of Negro Women at the University collected water bottles, wipes and money for relief in Flint, where contaminated water pipes have corroded, allowing lead into the city’s water supply.

To provide an alternative for the contaminated water in the city, the NCNW will donate its collections to Live United’s Flint Water Fund. LSA juniors Micah Griggs and Asia Paige said NCNW wanted to contribute because of connections to the majority Black population in Flint.

“We just think that since Flint is a heavily Black population and since they are being affected by this crisis and we’re a Black collegiate organization, we just thought it was in our duty to fundraise and help our neighboring city,” Griggs said.

As for the entire organization, Paige said the NCNW also raises funds to sponsor future events hosted by the organization, such as the HIV/AIDS Monologue last December, by conducting bubble tea and Panera fundraisers. She said NCNW hopes to add a capstone event to their fundraising efforts.

“We’re trying to hold an event that showcases Black culture and Black talent,” Page said. “It’s called ‘Black En Vogue.’ ”

Students Helping Honduras, a student organization at the University that sends members to build schools in Honduras to end gang violence and poverty through youth empowerment and education also manned tables at Angell Hall Monday to raise funds.

The group sold packets of Puppy Chow to complement their other, larger fundraising efforts in April and February.

LSA freshman Veronica Orellana said the Angell Hall area can be a hit or a miss when it comes to collecting funds.

“I think the majority of our fundraising comes from thrift shop fundraising and our blue grams,” she said. “This is just an easy thing to do on a regular basis. Some days, I think, it goes better than others.”


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