The American Medical Student Association, Students for Choice and Michigan Animal Respect Society each tabled in Mason Hall on Monday to raise awareness about the causes of their organizations.

AMSA members encouraged students to register as organ donors in their respective states. In an interview with The Michigan Daily, LSA sophomore Marianna Dorta said the organization targets students who didn’t sign up to be organ donors when they received their driver’s licenses.

“It’s stressful, so we’re doing this today so more people can have the opportunity to sign up,” she said.

Dorta said it’s important to sign up students to register as organ and tissue donors to increase the chances of saving the life of someone who may need it most.

“The list of people who need organ transplants is so long,” she said. “I think it’s important for people to sign up because anyone can help. It’s just about putting yourself out there.”

LSA senior Meghan Rattanni and LSA junior Kelsey Almony tabled on behalf of Students for Choice’s menstruation station — a three-day informational booth aiming to educate the campus about stigmas associated with menstruation.

“We’re basically trying to end stigma around menstruation,” Rattanni said. “By promoting this positive thing where you can help somebody and also not feel ashamed about menstruating. That’s the main goal of this, to end the stigma around having a period.”

As part of awareness campaign, the organization also gave out women’s health materials, as well as raffled off prizes and displayed pamphlets on women’s health.

Almony added she thought that their outreach is beneficial for students who are uncomfortable with buying feminine products.

“It’s especially for people who might not feel comfortable or safe buying period staples at the store,” she said.

LSA freshman Daphne Blumin, a member of MARS, said the organization was tabling to spread awareness about veganism and animal rights on campus. She said the organization is currently focusing its efforts on raising money for SASHA Farm, a farm animal sanctuary in Manchester, Mich.

Blumin said SASHA Farm houses runaway farm animals and takes care of them.

“They let them live how they should be living,” Blumin said. “Farm animals die by billions every year and no one gives them another thought. Everyone helps animal shelters because they have cats and dogs in their homes, but they don’t think about farm animals as even being animals. They kind of just think of them as being food.”

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