The Michigan Daily is introducing a new rotating item, Tents and Tables, that seeks to highlight campus activities on the Diag and near the posting wall in Angell Hall. 

Camp Kesem held a Chick-Fil-A fundraiser Monday in front of the Mason Hall posting wall. The organization fundraises throughout the year to send children whose parents have cancer to camp during the summer.

LSA sophomore Katherine Boss, a development coordinator at Camp Kesem, said the organization tries to fundraise to send as many kids as they can to camp.

“Obviously the kids are affected by (their parent’s cancer) and so we fundraise for them all year to send them to camp for free so it’s not a financial burden on the family, so we can get as many kids as possible,” Boss said.

Boss said each counselor at Camp Kesem has to raise $500, which makes the organization’s overall fundraising goal about $110,000. She said the organization has thus far raised a little over half of that money.

Volunteers drove to Toledo, Ohio to get the nuggets and sandwiches from Chick-Fil-A at 7:30 a.m. and spent about $230, so the organization is hoping to at least fundraise more than that amount of money.

Another organization in front of the posting wall Monday was Michigan Mazaa, a group that was founded four years ago that aims to raise money and awareness for organizations that help fight human trafficking in Southeast Asia.

Saturday, Michigan Mazaa will hold its annual Bollywood Dance Fusion competition in the Michigan Theatre. It spends all year preparing for this event.

LSA junior Rohit Agarwal, who is the treasurer for Michigan Mazaa, said representatives from the organization have been out in Angell Hall for the past week to sell tickets for the competition.

“This is a great place to market, everyone usually comes by the posting wall and looks at what we’re doing,” Agarwal said. “It helps not only sell tickets but also raise awareness for what we’re doing.”

Agarwal said Michigan Mazaa usually sells about 1,000 tickets for the show. Many of the tickets are purchased online, but many sales also come from students who purchase the tickets at the table in front of the posting wall. To garner more attention, there is a TV next to the table that features clips from the competition. Some of the audience members at the competition are also from out of state because the competition features groups from across the country.

Agarwal said he hopes the organization is able to spread awareness about the problem of human trafficking.

“Human trafficking is still a very prominent problem in the world, but people don’t really know about it especially here in America, so it’s very good that this organization exists to help people understand that this is still a problem and it’s something we have to fight together,” Agarwal said.


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