Business fraternity Phi Chi Theta sold puppy chow as part of their money-raising efforts on Monday to benefit their capstone projects for the semester. LSA freshman Sydney Watson, a member of the organization, said the goal was to finish the semester with $400. Yesterday was their first day fundraising, she said, and they had already collected $50.

“Since it’s our first day, we’ve just made the puppy chow yesterday and raised that money after being out here for an hour,” she said. “It’s pretty good I think.”

LSA freshman Juhi Katti said it was the winter 2016 semester pledge class is responsible for raising the whole $400, and last fall semester’s pledge class used the puppy chow fundraiser as well.

Watson said she thinks the fundraiser will be successful by the end of the semester, but also snoted they might try developing other fundraising tactics.

“We might have to do something else, just looking around to see what other people are doing and what’s working for them to help us come up with different ideas of what we should do, but I think it’s pretty feasible,” she said.

Another student organization tabling at the intersection of Mason, Angell, Tisch and Haven halls, MEconomics, was also fundraising Monday.

To spread the word about their economics conference, “Economics in Motion,” the orginzation used Taco Bell tacos as a fundraiser rather than baked goods.

LSA freshman Adam Giacomelli, who came up with the idea to use tacos, said it was incorporated into their fundraising to stand out from other organizations.

“I come through here all the time, and I’m really mad that Taco Bell isn’t in the League anymore,” he said. “It just seemed like a unique thing that not many people do. I always see doughnuts or puppy-chow, but I’ve never seen Taco Bell.”

Rather than fundraising using Mexican cuisine or a baked goods, student organization Timmy Global Health, which fundraises for medical supplies and sustainable health projects in the Dominican Republic, advertised their first annual benefit dinner at their table Monday.

LSA senior Naveen Menon, member of Timmy Global Health, said this year they decided to incorporate local restaurants into the benefit dinnear, which differs from how the event was organized in the past.

“We used to do a formal banquet, but now we’re just doing a cheaper benefit dinner to cater to students,” he said. “We’ve been advertising on Facebook, posting and flyering everywhere. We won’t know how it’s going until the actual event, but we’re looking optimistically.”

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