Ted Cruz, a professor at the University of California, San Diego — not to be confused with Sen. Ted Cruz (R–Tex.), one of the current candidates vying for the Republican presidential nomination — will discuss the San Diego-Tijuana border at the University of Michigan on Mar. 11.

Prof. Cruz and Fonna Forman, also a professor at the University of California, San Diego, will deliver the lecture, focusing on the the political and urban architecture of the border.

Though they share a name, Prof. Cruz’s perspectives on immigration and the U.S.-Mexico border sharply contrast Cruz’s immigration platform.

Prof. Cruz’s website says he sees these neighborhoods as “sites of cultural production, from which to rethink urban policy, affordable housing and civic infrastructure.”

Sen. Cruz has called for tightened border security and penalization of illegal immigrants, including ending amnesty protections and utilizing surveillance and biometric tracking.

Cruz and Forman, professors of architecture and political science respectively, will discuss research-based political and architecture practices in San Diego, while also tying in the policy and infrastructure of Latin American cities near the border.

While Forman’s work is centered on human rights and equitable urbanization, Cruz’s research is focused on the San Diego-Tijuana border and the benefits of advancing border immigrant neighborhoods.

Forman and Cruz are the keynote lecturers for the Michigan Mellon Project on Egalitarianism and the Metropolis, an initiative between Detroit, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro. The project aims to combine design theory and practice with questions surrounding equality and social justice in communities.


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