In honor of a Black Heritage Month symposium today regarding mobilizing Black communities in the digital age, many members of the University community have been using the hashtag #UMBlackout on Twitter posting quotes and thoughts on the lecture.

The University is hosting the #UMBlackout symposium at Rackham from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m today. It brings in contemporary Black activist leadership and how they go about change through digital forums.

The leaders of the symposium hope to reflect on the role the internet plays in social change and how to best to use that to one’s advantage. The symposium features scholars, campus and grassroots organizers in workshops, lectures and a panel discussion.

Other goals of the symposium include forming a connection between scholars and activists, both at the national and campus level. Other goals include promoting youth engagement in this current movement and to foster inspiration and guidance from current leaders in the Black activist movement.

Stay with The Daily later tonight for a full article covering the symposium.


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