Multiple University buildings were flooded after a severe thunderstorm Monday afternoon. According to the Department of Public Safety and Security, the specific buildings damaged and the extent of those damages remain unknown at this time.

“There were several buildings on campus that were flooded today because of the torrential downpour,” said Diane Brown, DPSS public information officer. “I don’t have any reports about which of the specific buildings, nor do I know if it was just water coming in through the door, or if it was more substantial, and we won’t know any of that tonight.”

Daily reporters witnessed water in North Quad and the CCRB. According to the LSA Facebook page, three classes were relocated Monday night due to flooding in Angell Hall.

According to Occupational Safety and Environment Health at the University, flooding has impacted the campus greatly over the past few years.

“The University of Michigan (U-M) has experienced a significant amount of flooding in recent years, affecting over 10 percent of its 500 buildings across the 1,500 acre Ann Arbor campus,” the OSEH website says. “Considering the complexity of U-M’s campus, the damage to facilities and equipment caused by flooding can lead to substantial problems.”

This is a developing story. Check back at The Michigan Daily for updates.

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