One of the University’s staple Welcome Week events returned this year for the 18th year — but with a new name.  

Formerly billed as Gayz Craze, Central Student Government’s LGBT*Q Issues Commission organized Pride Outside at Palmer Field on Monday to introduce incoming freshman to the LGBTQ-focused organizations on campus.

Engineering junior Sindhu Sreedhar, executive chair of the LGBT* Commission, said the name was changed to Pride Outside at the suggestion of past commission members and previous attendants, who did not see the term “Gayz Craze” as inclusive.

“They told us that we might want to think about changing the name to make it more inclusive,” Sreedhar. “So we played with different names over the summer.”

LSA junior Michael Bourke, who organized the event last year, said he noticed the restricting nature of the title Gayz Craze when he attended the event his freshman year.

“The title’s not representing the entire organization that we are,” Bourke said. “We’d like to represent the entire spectrum and not just one of the identities there, so we thought it’d be a good idea to change the name.”

Sreedhar said finding a term to encompass various sexualities along the LGBTQ spectrum presented a challenge.

“If you try to put LGBTQ in there, that’s kind of a lot to say so we wanted it to be catchy,” she said. “We were kind of playing around with the word pride, because when you just say ‘pride’ you think of the LGBTQ community.”

Sreedhar added that the term “gay” generally connotes homosexuality exclusively.

“It’s guys especially and that is definitely not the majority of the LGBTQ community,” she said.

Feedback has been positive from both attendants and former organizers, Sreedhar said.

Bourke said he liked that Pride Outside organized the LGBTQ-oriented student groups under one tent.

“I think having them all close together benefitted both the students who came there to find these resources and the people who were working with the organizations under that tent,” he said.

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