You won’t see many Ohioans wearing khakis on Saturday. 

In a resolution issued Friday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich called on state residents to not wear Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh’s favorite pleated pant in the leadup to the Ohio State-Michigan game Saturday. 

Kasich, a Republican presidential candidate and an Ohio State alumnus, declared Saturday, Nov. 28, 2015, to be “Scarlet Letter Saturday” in the state of Ohio, and, as usual, encouraged Ohioans to avoid using the letter “M” on gameday. 

The resolution, signed by Kasich and Mary Taylor, Ohio’s lieutenant governor, compares Harbaugh’s style to that of Jake from State Farm and that seen in a 1991 Dockers commercial. 

“WHEREAS, his style recalls guys standing around, being very casual and witty on a front porch in a 1991 Dockers commercial, which offended Jerry Seinfeld in the episode The Phone Message; WHEREAS, while the dull, earthly garment may be workplace appropriate for Jake from State Farm, coaches sporting them in a ‘shifts vs. skins’ pickup game should stick to the ‘shirts’ team,” the resolution read. 

Kasich started issuing similar resolutions in 2013 regarding the Ohio State-Michigan matchup.

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