At Troy District Court this Tuesday, LSA junior Nayir Masrur admitted to killing his aunt with a dumbell in November, according to a Detroit News report.

Masrur was charged with first-degree murder. The admission was announced during Masrur’s preliminary court hearing Tuesday. According to Detective Kristine Shuler, Masrur admitted to killing his aunt with a 15-pound weight because he feared for his safety.

“He said he felt threatened and thought she and his family might harm him,” Shuler testified.

The accusation came back in November when Marur was accused of killing his 55-year-old aunt, Rubab Huq, at her home in Troy. Police were called by Masrur’s mother to report him as missing in an agitated state before receiving another call for a woman, Huq, who needed an ambulance.

According to Sergeant Meghan Lehman, the attack appeared to be brutal and unprovoked.

Due to the possibility of serving a life sentence upon conviction, a not-guilty plea has been entered on the behalf of Masrur. Currently, Masrur is being held without bond.

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