The University of Michigan is giving $1.1 million to the Hoover, Greene & Hill improvement project, set to begin early May and run through November. Approved by Ann Arbor City Council on April 15, the $6.5 million project will contract E.T. Mackenzie Company for water main replacements, stormwater improvements and resurfacing.

The city will also add accessible sidewalk ramps, improve pedestrian safety at the Greene Street and Hoover Avenue intersection and invest in curb and gutter replacement.

According to MLive, water main replacements will take place on East Hoover Avenue and Hill Street. Stormwater replacements will happen on Green Street and on East Hoover Avenue, and street resurfacing will occur on Hill Street, East Hoover Avenue and Greene Street.

The project is funded by $1.3 million from the Street, Bridge and Sidewalk Millage, over $2.8 million from the water supply system, almost $1 million from stormwater funds and $1.1 million from the University, along with other developer contributions. 

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