University of Michigan professor Lisa Disch, who teaches in both the political science and women’s studies departments, announced Wednesday she will be running against first-term incumbent Anne Bannister, D-Ward 1, for a seat on the Ann Arbor City Council.

Disch has been involved in politics since canvassing for Democratic candidates at all levels of government in the 2008 elections. She has recently found success volunteering for Voters Not Politicians, a Michigan ballot initative to end gerrymandering, as well as spearheading a now-passed state ballot initiative to create a non-partisan citizens redistricting commission.

In a press release, Disch pledges to “fight for affordable housing, safety, and environmental sustainability with a focus on mobilizing people at the grass roots.” Disch also noted Ann Arbor’s potential to become “an economic engine for Southeastern Michigan” under her leadership.

“The city will soon engage in a master planning process that provides the Ann Arbor community with the opportunity to explore, define, and shape our growth,” said Disch. “I am committed to building collaborative working relationships both in Ward 1 and in the Council chamber to make the most of that opportunity.”

Disch also received support from Jason Frenzel, the former Ward 1 City Council representative who lost his seat to Bannister in 2018.

“I’m exceptionally excited at the prospect of having a City Council member who works on environmental issues and thinks deeply on matters of voting rights,” Frenzel said. “The equity and rights of all Ann Arbor’s residents is more important now than in many decades past.”


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