In the months since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, marches and demonstrations have become regular occurrences in cities and states across the country, and Ann Arbor is no exception. Another demonstration has been added to the agenda — this time, however, on the other side of the aisle. Trump supporters organized the nationwide March 4 Trump, which is slated to take place on March 4.

The goal of the march is to show support for Trump and fellow Americans, the organization’s website explains. Marchers also hope to work toward ensuring that Trump’s policies are implemented.

“President Trump has thankfully set a new course, and no matter your race, creed, color, gender, orientation, age, or anything else traitors exploit to divide, We The People are one,” the event’s page reads. “Come show your support for him, each other, and our country right in the heart of our capital.”

The main event will take place in Washington, DC, beginning at the Washington Monument and ending at the White House. There will also be six Michigan marches held in Lansing, Grand Rapids, Sterling Heights, Novi, Mancelona and Alma.

On the event’s information page, the group highlights the need to march and views these marches as an opportunity to highlight issues that need changing in society.

“Our cities are being assailed, our police are under attack, and our livelihoods are being given away,” the event’s page reads. “From radical Islamic terrorism to our deliberately undermined military, the challenges posed from without are just as dangerous.”

The event’s organizers note that this is a peaceful assembly and it encourages participants to act appropriately.

The event’s information page ends by encouraging a reclamation.

“Hope to see you there,” it reads. “As President Trump said, ‘This moment is your moment, it belongs to you.’ ”

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