South Quad dining hall, typically brimming with hungry students, was left empty Tuesday night for a brief period of time because of issues with the fire suppression system.

Matthew Sawyer, South Quad hall director, sent out an email to all South Quad residents and workers to eat at other dining halls for the time being.

“Please use the dining facilities at East Quad, North Quad, or the Hill Dining Center in the meantime,” Sawyer wrote. “We apologize for the inconvenience this causes.”

Though the dining hall later reopened with a limited menu, many students had to change their plans and go to dining halls located farther from their dorms than normal.

Kinesiology sophomore Kayla Keane said other dining halls were flooded with people because of the closure.

“Not only did I walk there, but then I walked to East there was a stagnant line reaching almost outside and now I am walking all the way to MoJo,” Keane said.

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