If you were looking out your window Tuesday night, you may have seen a bright flash light up the night sky at about 8 p.m. While many assumed it was just lightning, the National Weather Service and United States Geographical Survey confirmed the light was, in fact, a meteor.

Many videos posted on YouTube and Twitter from car dashboard cams and home security systems show the sky fade to light blue, followed by a short burst of orange light and then back to the normal black sky. Some videos show a trail forming from the meteor.

Reports to the American Meteor Society of the bright light were received from locations in six states and Canada. According to NWS, the meteor caused a 2.0 magnitude earthquake near New Haven, Michigan.

Former U.S. Rep. John Dingell tweeted Tuesday night his bewilderment at the possibility of a meteor flying over Michigan.

“What’s this meteor nonsense?” Dingell wrote.


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