William Strampel, former dean of Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, was arrested Monday and is currently being held at Ingham County jail.

Strampel was the boss of Larry Nassar, a former USA Gymnastics and MSU doctor who sexually assaulted young gymnasts under the guise of medical care over the past 30 years. Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison for sexual assault charges in Ingham County. Nassar also faces a 40 to 125-year sentence issued by a court in Eaton County.

Multiple charges were filed against Strampel and were presented in East Lansing 54B District Court Tuesday morning. According to the Lansing State Journal Forsyth explained at a news conference on Tuesday that the investigation obtained a search warrant after receiving a “credible tip about Strampel.”

The charges include fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct, felony official misconduct, two counts of willful neglect of duty, and a high misdemeanor.  

Documents presented to the court include reports of four victims who allege sexual misconduct by Strampel. The four victims were all female medical students who reported experiences of inappropriate sexual advances by Strampel in his office and at academic events.

One of the victims, identified as Victim 4 in the affidavit, cited an interaction with Strampel at a local flu clinic where he brought up the topic of drinking. The affidavit include Strampel’s comment that, “it was good when women were drunk because then it was easy to have sex with them.”

These charges are related to the Michigan Attorney General investigation of sexual misconduct at MSU led by special prosecutor William Forsyth. Strampel’s failure to enforce the 2014 sexual assault investigation protocols against Nassar have been a focal point of the investigation.   

Also included in the investigation was a forensic examination of Strampel’s work computer. The examination uncovered a video of Nassar providing “treatment” to a young female patient. In addition, the affidavit cited evidence of 50 photographs of  “bare vaginas, nude and semi-nude women, sex toys, and pornography.”

Upon examination by the police, many of pornographic images contain evidence that suggest the photos were “selfies” of female MSU students. There is also evidence that someone attempted to delete the photos.

Strampel’s arraignment occurred Tuesday afternoon in East Lansing where he was formally charged.

Strampel stepped down in December due to personal health reasons. Interim MSU President John Engler began an an effort to remove Strampel of his tenure and fire him in February.


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