Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter John Legend endorsed Eli Savit for Washtenaw County prosecutor via Twitter on July 8. 

“Eli Savit is running on a restorative justice platform to fix the broken criminal justice system as the next Washtenaw County Prosecutor,” Legend wrote. “Vote for @EliNSavit by August 4!” 

As part of his #FreeAmerica criminal justice reform campaign, Legend lent his support on Twitter for five candidates running for district attorney across the country.

“District Attorney elections are crucial to changing our criminal justice system,” Legend wrote. “August is a big month for D.A. races in AZ, FL, and MI. I’m closely following the upcoming elections on August 4th and 18th, and there are 5 candidates I am paying close attention to.”

Savit, professor at the University of Michigan and civil rights attorney, thanked Legend for his endorsement in a press release.

“We are beyond thrilled to have John Legend’s support in our race for Washtenaw Prosecutor,” Savit wrote. “John (Legend) is at the forefront of a national movement to ensure equity in our criminal-justice system, and to turn the page on the broken policies of the past.”

Savit said in a press release he’s running as a Democrat on a platform including elimination of cash bail, support for addiction and mental health treatment programs, increased transparency in the prosecutor’s office and elimination of racial and socioeconomic inequity in the justice system. 

“Our race is local, but the issues we’re facing here in Washtenaw County reflect misguided national policies,” Savit said. “We’re honored to be part of a broad, diverse coalition to make the criminal-justice system work for the people.”

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