Incoming University of Michigan Regent Ron Weiser (R) announced his campaign for chairman of the Michigan Republican Party Friday, according to the Detroit News. Weiser previously ran for the position in 2009 and 2010.

The former real estate developer unseated incumbent Regent Laurence Deitch (D) in the November Regents’ election — bringing a third Republican voice to the Board of Regents.

The Detroit News reported that, in an email to Michigan Republican activists, Weiser suggested the 2018 mid-term elections will pose a challenge for the Republicans in retaining power in Lansing. Republicans currently control both chambers of the Michigan state legislature as well as the governor’s office.

He said the Michigan GOP Party needs to ensure they offer additional support to President-elect Donald Trump (R) in implementing his agenda.

“We need to put our ‘A’ team on the field to make sure that President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have a Republican governor in Michigan and an additional Republican U.S. senator in Washington to make sure they can implement their agenda,” he wrote.

Weiser announced his candidacy shortly after news broke that current Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel was appointed to chair the Republican National Committee following an endorsement from the president-elect.

Weiser wrote his campaign would focus on inspiring the Trump supporters in the GOP’s grassroots movement as well as building upon McDaniel’s political party operations and raising money. Weiser served as the RNC finance chair and raised money for Trump’s campaign and the inauguration.


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