The University of Michigan’s Giving Blueday, a 24-hour fundraising event for student organizations, raised over $5.5 million Tuesday from about 7,000 donors. This is the largest amount the program has raised to date, surpassing last year’s donations by nearly $1.5 million.

Giving Blueday stems from the international campaign Giving Tuesday, wherein people across the globe are encouraed to donate to different charities the week after Thanksgiving. The event is meant to kick off the holiday season — a season that is marked by heightened consumer activity and purchases.

At the University, donors can give either to the University or to a specific school or student organization. 

The campaign, first launched in 2014, has become more successful with each successive year. It raised $3 million in its first year, and just over $4 million during the following. Giving Blueday is a part of the broader Victors for Michigan campaign, which aims to raise $4 billion for the University, including a goal within the campaign of $1 million for student support.

The University has increased overall philanthropy efforts as support from the state of Michigan to the University’s General Fund has declined from 80 to 16 percent of the fund over the last 50 years. Tuition and fees for students have been also on the rise in past decades.

The University is working on increasing financial support for students and is hoping to use some of the donations from Giving Blueday in this effort. 

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