Students seeking to celebrate Pi Day by consuming massive amounts of pies of all sorts had a variety of on-campus locations to choose from on Tuesday.

Pieology Pizzeria offered specially priced $3.14 pizzas at all locations — however, because of heavy student demand for pies, Pieology ran out of dough and was forced to close at 5:30 pm for “a few hours” in order to restock. 

Tau Beta Pi, a University of Michigan engineering honor society, is no stranger to this predicament. Last year, the group planned to hand out free slices of pizza to students on campus, but ran out in 40 minutes. However, the group was much better prepared for Pi Day 2017.

Stationed in the lobby of the Duderstadt Center, they made their slices much thinner than last year to produce enough for hungry students and pi-lovers alike.

Engineering junior Joanna Ciatti, Tau Beta Pi secretary, told MLive the organization bought 100 pies and sliced each pie into eighths.

“Last year we had 70 pies and we ran out in 40 minutes,” she said. “This year we got 100 and we sliced them into eighths, so we’ve got 800 slices.”

Students who could not make it to State Street or North Campus also had the opportunity to partake in Pi Day at one of the many on-campus dining halls. Michigan Dining celebrated the world-renowned mathematical constant by fueling potential mathematicians with a many pie-themed foods, including savory pot pies and sweet desserts. According to a blurb on its website, the food service calculated that it would need an immense number of pies needed to serve the campus community.

“What day is infinitely better than all the rest?” the blurb read. “Pie Day! All dining halls will be serving pie inspired foods at all meals! We calculated that we’ll need hundreds of pies to satisfy your never-ending appetite for circular foods! Selections include, chicken pot pies, fruit pies, pizza pies, dessert pizzas, and much more!”

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