Squirrels are a prominent facet of the University of Michigan campus. From the University’s Squirrel Club, which meets twice a week to feed the squirrels, to the regular postings of pictures of these friendly rodents to social media— there is no question that squirrels are a staple of the University experience.

Corey Seeman, director of Kresge Library Services at the Ross School of Business, is no stranger to this population.

Since beginning photography as a hobby in 2007, Seeman has taken tens of thousands of images of squirrels, he told The University Record. He said he has taken at least one picture of squirrels every day for the past nine years.

All of his photographs can be viewed on his Flickr photo gallery, which displays these furry animals inhabiting all parts of the Michigan campus.

Squirrels in the snow, squirrels in trees and even squirrels enjoying peanuts are all on display in his 321-page photo gallery.

There is no question that Seeman’s “got squirrels,” so it only seems fitting that the introduction to his gallery reads “Got Squirrels? I do.”

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