It was the last of many for University of Michigan seniors: a willingness to wake up early for tailgates (unlike classes), singing “Mr. Brightside” with 100,000 spectators and enjoying a football game at the Big House as undergraduates.

The Michigan football team beat Indiana University 31 to 20.

Engineering senior Rachel Fenberg has gone to football games since her freshman year, and gained appreciation for the experience as she attended more games.

“I love the atmosphere of the Big House and I always look forward to going to games,” Fenberg said. “I think as I have gotten older, I’ve been able to appreciate it more and now as a senior with the team being so amazing, it’s been really exciting to be a part of the student section and watch all the games.”

LSA senior Rachel Cohen felt bittersweet about a great experience coming to an end.

“It’s really bittersweet for me,” Cohen said. “As a freshman, I didn’t know anything about football. I started staying at the games and getting more invested in it so eventually now over the course of four years I started understanding football and I really loved staying for all the games. It’s really sad for that to be over.”

Seniors at the game expressed sadness as two of its players, LSA senior Chase Winovich and Rackham student Berkley Edwards, both sustained injuries in the second half and did not return to the game. The athletes were transported to the hospital, but reports show they sustained less severe injuries than expected.

Michigan will take on Ohio State University next Saturday in Columbus.

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