Football fans looking forward to additional perks associated with University of Michigan wins are going to be disappointed this year. Ruth’s Chris Steak House will no longer be offering its Score Big Promotion, which gave customers a discount of up to 50 percent off on their food depending on Michigan’s margin of victory.

When asked whether the promotion would continue this year, the restaurant’s Facebook page stated it would not be valid for 2017, replying with, “That was 2016’s promotion only.”

“Attention #UMfootball fans! When Michigan wins, you win!” last year’s Facebook post read, with hashtags such as #supportthehometeam and #thisishowitsdone included in the main body.

Following every UM win, the restaurant received an overwhelming number of reservations and customers bringing up the discount.

Michigan’s win against Rutgers University last fall is likely one of the reasons it won’t be bringing the promotion back; with a 78-0 point score, the game marked the largest margin of victory in approximately 90 years.

The restaurant quickly pointed out its terms and conditions capped the discount at 50 percent, much to the dissatisfaction and amusement of multiple customers.

Though this deal won’t be coming back, the restaurant hinted at a new surprise to come this season.

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