Reggie the Campus Corgi is a beloved sight on campus — a beacon of light and hope during the dark days of incoming winter and finals. But he cannot stay the entire time, for he must go home and rest. But what if Reggie had a place on campus to stay, thus increasing his time for friendly head pats and picturesque photoshoots to be posted on Facebook?

LSA sophomores Zane Harding and Kurt Schwartz created an event to build a doghouse for Reggie on campus. As of Wednesday night, 46 are going and nearly 251 are interested. 

The corgi has seen support from the student body before — at the beginning of this semester, his owner, Michael, said Reggie needed eye surgery that would cost over $1,000. He received $810 for the procedure on his GoFundMe page.

LSA junior Gaby Fabré voiced her support for Reggie in a message to The Daily back in the summer.

“I just wanna see Reggie walking around campus again, the little fluff is a free spirit and makes my day a little brighter seeing him bounce around the diag from student to student,” she wrote.

Reggie’s presence on social media started earlier this year; he currently has 4,274 friends on Facebook.

“(R)eggie is a good boy and deserves a good place to stay on campus,” the new event page reads. “he is a dog who runs his own social media account. he cannot make his own house because he does not have thumbs.”

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