Scientists can confirm that to date, 2017 has been gloomier than normal. The metro Detroit region has seen only two days of sunshine in the month of January, according to the National Weather Service. The Detroit Free Press reported 25 days of the month were considered “cloudy,” with 80 to 100 percent of skies covered by clouds.

Meteorologist Alex Manion told the Free Press cloudy days weren’t abnormal this time of year, but such an extended period of time of cloud cover was notable. Manion attributed the gloomy weather to patterns including low-pressure systems and lake-effect moisture.

“It’s just these last few weeks have been atypical due to various weather phenomena,” Manion told the Free Press.

States across the Midwest experienced long periods of cloudy weather through the month of January. According to the National Weather Service, Cleveland, Ohio, went through 23 days of straight cloudiness and Fort Wayne, Ind., experienced 21 to 22 days.

There is no National Weather Service record of cloudy or sunny days, so there is no way to know just how unusual this January was.

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