It seems that last Saturday’s football game will go down as pre-historic.

Fans watched in awe at halftime as the Michigan Marching Band was accompanied by a pack of people in Tyrannosaurus rex costumes, dancing to the band’s rendition of the theme song from “Jurassic Park.”

The dancing dinos were part of a larger show from the marching band, where they debuted the new college band master series from composers John Williams and Hal Leonard. In addition to the “Jurassic Park” theme song, the series includes the main title from “Star Wars” and “Adventures on Earth” from the finale of “E.T.”

Fans loved it, some hailing it as one of the best halftime shows they’d ever seen.


The band was proud of their performance as well. According to Engineering sophomore Jack Teener, they practiced for about two weeks to get the dance just right, but only had one full dress rehearsal with the T-rex dancers in costume. The band knows its set a high bar for itself, but Teener is optimistic the rest of the season will be just as great.

“One thing that was kind of different about that show is that we had a lot more time to put it all together,” he said. “But I think it’s always gonna be great.”

The show gained national attention, and news outlets such as ESPN and USAToday published videos of the T-rex portion of it on their websites.

Michigan fan Janine Kerr summed it up with her tweet on Saturday.


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