Ann Arbor restaurant BurgerFi shut down abruptly, with only a sign on the door to notify customers. 

“The BurgerFi Restaurant is now closed Indefinitely with No Plans of Reopening,” the sign read. “The Owner and Staff would like To Thank All Our Guest [sic.] for their support throughout our tenure. We apologize for the short notice and Inconvenience this may have caused. Once again, Thank You All.” 

No additional information has been released about the closing.

BurgerFi first opened in 2013, moving into New York Pizza Depot’s former location under the University Towers apartment building at the corner of South University and Forest Streets. According to the restaurant’s website, it is part of a national franchise that began in 2011 and has been growing rapidly.

Students and locals were confused about the restaurant’s unexpected closing. Because there was lack of warning, customers were left wondering about the reason behind the shut-down.

LSA freshman Maria Ficaro is living in University Towers next year, and she was excited to have BurgerFi right under her apartment.

“I was looking forward to having all these food places close by, let alone right under me — like BurgerFi,” Ficaro said. “I’m confused on why they randomly shut down without giving an explanation. All of a sudden I walk by and there is a sign saying they closed down. Not cool.”

Business sophomore Maddie Demeter, a current University Towers resident, had a similar experience.

“Maybe two weeks ago, I was walking by and I saw (the sign),” Demeter said. “I was really surprised, the whole inside was empty. I hadn’t been in a while and I remember thinking I should go, and then it was closed! So I never got to go one last time.”

Demeter said she’s seen people walking in and out of the space since it closed, but the restaurant seems to be completely empty now. She’s hoping something new moves in, though she hasn’t heard about anything yet.  

“On South U, there are quite a few vacancies that need to be filled so I hope something comes soon,” she said.

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