Last week at a trail leading into Nichols Arboretum, University of Michigan medical student Daniel Nadelman stumbled upon a dead deer. Nadelman told MLive that at first glance the deer appeared to have been shot as a part of the city’s cull from Jan. 30 to Feb. 6. However, city officials say it was not killed during the cull.

The Ann Arbor cull sparked opposition from many residents. At a City Council meeting last January, many residents chanted, “Stop the shoot,” and organized a number of protests and demonstrations against the planned shoot. The latest cull removed 96 deer from parks and nature areas on University properties, with an additional 54 female deer being sterilized, according to an article on the city of Ann Arbor’s website.

The remaining carcass appeared to be partially eaten, according to Nadelman. Tom Crawford, Ann Arbor’s chief financial officer, who oversaw the deer cull, said each deer killed during the cull was removed last Thursday, leading him to believe this one died of other causes.

Because of the dead deer’s proximity to the train tracks, it might have been hit by a train, yet other possibilities still remain. The deer could also have been attacked by a predator or shot by an outsider.

Nadelman also speculated this was the same doe he had seen before in the Arb with three fawns.

“Several months ago, three fawns were born in the Arboretum and I watched them with their mother every day until the hunt began,” Nadelman said in the MLive article.


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