When the elevator in your apartment is stuck, you blame it on the landlord. Most would never expect Ben Carson, the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, however, to be in this situation himself. 

According to the Miami Herald, Carson, a University of Michigan Medical School alum and former Republican presidential candidate, was trapped in a Miami apartment complex elevator Wednesday morning. 

With Miami Heat basketball icon Alonzo Mourning awaiting his descent in the lobby, Carson and six other people were stuck until local authorities pried the doors open.

Carson was on the third stop of his national listening tour for HUD and was being led through the $22.8 million Courtside Family Apartments. In his group was Michael Liu, the Miami-Dade County Public Housing Director.

After observing the roof of the complex, Carson got into the infamous elevator and remained in it for 20 minutes.

According to the Herald, Carson took the accident in good stride and continued on his tour of Miami.

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