For those who require a daily fix of coffee, Ann Arbor is one of the best places to be, according to a ranking from Ann Arbor made it as one of the top cities on Apartment Guide’s Top 10 Best Cities for Coffee Lovers list.

Apartment Guide credited Ann Arbor’s plethora of coffee shops in part to the University of Michigan, due to its high student enrollment and professor count. Coffee shops are a popular study destination for some, and give students a much-needed coffee buzz to stay up late studying, according to Apartment Guide.

Ann Arbor is home to 37 coffee shops. According to the graphic on Apartment Guide’s list, that’s one coffee shop per 2,825 people. These 37 coffee shops offer a variety of vibes, from more mainstream chains like Starbucks to local favorites like Roos Roast or Comet Coffee.

Though Ann Arbor is ranked as No.10 on the list, it beat out 40 other cities considered by Apartment Guide. Coffee connoisseurs: Ann Arbor coffee shops may be the place for you.  


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