The residents of Ann Arbor will finally have a Jamba Juice location to call their own, according to a new MLive report — or so a sign recently added to a vacant storefront on Washtenaw Avenue would suggest. Representatives from the Washtenaw Commons shopping center did not immediately respond to requests for comment on whether or not the rumors were true.

The California-based juice chain has grown rapidly since its founding in 1990, opening more than 800 locations in 26 states and nine countries, including the US. Many news outlets even describe the chain’s popularity as a “craze.”

The craze does not appear to be popular with Michiganders, though, according to the comments section on the MLive article.

“Jamba Juice was great 17 years ago when a cup of carbs the size of your head seemed like an excellent idea,” wrote the commenter “Michigander.” 

MLive user “chuck roast,” who took issue with the speculative and trivial nature of the article, had a few words for the author.

“You need to get a real job!” he wrote in a comment, tagging the author.

User “TwoBigDogs,” read the guidelines before commenting and was a bit more respectful.

“Respectfully, WHY is THIS a ‘story’?” TwoBigDogs wrote. “I KNOW of 31 NEW signs installed in the last WEEK alone. Where are THEY?”

According to a book by the company’s founder, the name came from the word “jama,” meaning, “to celebrate.” However, MLive commenter Merica2016 wrote, and a dictionary search confirmed, the company’s name has a slightly different meaning.

“Jamba means fart in Swahili,” Merica2016 wrote.

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