Ann Arbor City Council Member Sabra Briere officially announced today her last day in office will be Dec. 5 via an online letter.

Briere has served as Ward 1 Representative since 2007, making her the longest seated member of Council.
An Ann Arbor resident since 1973, Briere wrote that her decision to resign was made due to “happy circumstances,” and has nothing to do with negative feelings about her position or Ann Arbor. Rather, she wrote that it is because she will be moving to Santa Rosa, California, with her husband to be closer to her son.
“This is a bittersweet decision,” Briere wrote. “It has been, and remains, one of my greatest pleasures and honors to serve you and our community.”

In her tenure as a local politician over the past several decades, along with serving as a councilmember Briere was also the Ann Arbor Democratic Party Chair in the early 1990’s and ran for mayor of Ann Arbor in 2014, finishing second in the Democratic primary.

During her time on Council, Briere has focused on a range of issues, from development to civic participation.

Briere has campaigned as a candidate of the citizens, focusing much of her race for mayor on community conversation.

“One of the first issues I brought to Council was to advocate for increasing citizen participation – in zoning, in development, in the budget process, in safety – and I believe that focus on citizen participation will continue,” Briere said in her letter.

Briere has also advocated for varied and affordable housing, increased pedestrian and cyclist safety and access. She wrote that she still hopes the City will build more sidewalks and bike paths.

Under the city’s charter,  the Council must vote on a replacement to fill Briere’s seat. Over the next month, the Council will be accepting applications for a new representative, according to Briere’s letter. The interviews will be held on November 28, with citizens able to communicate to the Council and make recommendations throughout the following week. Briere said she would like the seat filled as quickly as possible so the Council can get back to regular business with full participation.

In her letter, she urged the city to work toward its best possible future with full citizen engagement, writing that she trusts residents will help this process.

“I found a home in Ann Arbor,” Briere wrote. “And more especially, I have really enjoyed having you as my neighbors. I’ve benefitted from living in a community with curious, engaged people who have an enthusiastic commitment to seeing Ann Arbor become the best community possible – even as we haven’t always agreed on what that means.”


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