Following Ann Arbor City Council’s unanimous approval of his $17 million development proposal last week, Tom Fitzsimmons of Huron Contracting, LLC plans to begin construction on a five-story condo development at 309 N. Ashley St. in downtown Ann Arbor.

Fitzsimmons told MLive he hopes to begin construction over the summer or in early fall so the building can accommodate residents in the next few years. There will be 17 to 25 units of varying size depending on market demand. Prices are not available yet; however, based on previous projects, Fitzsimmons expects prices to be about $500 per square foot. On the building’s website, two units are already reserved.

Fitzsimmons said he expects residents will be employees of the University of Michigan, Michigan Medicine or any of the other downtown businesses, and will likely be between the ages of 27 to 65. He said he speaks from previous experience, having built or remodeled many housing units since in Ann Arbor. Fitzsimmons said he hopes to continue his work with new developments but this work is becoming more difficult due to Ann Arbor’s housing shortage.

“Land and housing has gotten really expensive, so we’re being very cautious … It’s getting really expensive to build these condos in town,” Fitzsimmons told MLive.

The adjacent property used to house a gas station which contaminated the soil and polluted the air. A marijuana dispensary is now planning to build on the property at 202 Miller Ave. Fitzsimmons joined them in environmental cleanup efforts prior to his own construction.

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