In New York, the most popular Uber destination in 2017 was the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and in Illinois, Wrigley Field reigned supreme, according to a list released by Uber.

However, Michigan’s most Uber-ed-to destination is an ode to a campus staple: Scorekeepers, most commonly referred to as “Skeeps.”

LSA sophomore Annelise Droste said she has had only positive experiences with Ubers to and from Skeeps, making her unsurprised at Michigan’s results.

“I guess I’m not really surprised; Skeeps is kind of far from some student housing, whether South Campus or South U, where most students live,” Droste said. “I Ubered there last year from North Campus a few times because it’s a 20-minute walk from the bus. If it’s cold there’s no way I walk.”

The list was released Tuesday, ranking the top destination of each state, excluding airports and transit stations. The list is largely composed of malls, ballparks, performance venues and bars.

Additionally, Uber said the busiest period for Uber drivers was Saturday night at 11 p.m., and most Ubers were taken Oct. 28, the Saturday before Halloween.

New Jersey was shown to be the earliest-rising state, while Mississippi stays out the latest. 

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