A newly released college ranking by U.S. News and World Report placed the University of Michigan at No. 3 among public universities. The ranking, which was published Monday, put U-M behind the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of California, Berkeley; one spot higher than last year’s report, in which the University was also behind the University of Virginia.

In a statement released Monday morning, the Office of Public Affairs stated that, “while University officials are pleased that U-M is continually recognized as the leaders and best in higher education, they note what matters most is focusing on the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and societal impact.”

The Office of Public Affairs further cited U-M Dearborn’s place among the best public universities in the Midwest, and the Ross School of Business’s No. 3 ranking among undergraduate business programs.

The statement also noted that in the report’s rankings of all Universities nationally, U-M ranked as No. 25, two spots higher than last year.


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