Earlier this year, The Michigan Daily began a series of investigations into the University of Michigan’s Title IX procedures. 

Our most recent article, “Broken Record,” is the story of a University student who has accused her Graduate Student Instructor of sexual assault. Her investigation has been ongoing for almost four months now. The process has been detrimental to her well-being and professional success. 

After The Daily published this article, survivors on campus started reaching out sharing their own experiences — each unique and powerful in their own way. 

We want to continue to tell these stories. 

We, as a publication, are committed to holding University institutions accountable. We are determined to expose injustices in our University’s sexual assault investigation processes for students, faculty, staff and all members of our community. 

Survivors stories must be placed at the center of this work. Therefore, The Michigan Daily has created a new tip line just for these stories — tipline@michigandaily.com

If you are a survivor on campus, if you faced challenges during your Office of Institutional Equity investigation or if you have faced barriers to reporting at all, please consider sending us your story. 

This is a private tip line viewable by a small team of reporters committed to this work. 

The Michigan Daily is listening. 


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