The University will receive $5 million from the National Science Foundation for brain research, the University announced Tuesday. Experts in sensor technology, data analysis, electronics and neuroscience will use the funds to research discoveries about brain activity at a the single-neuron level and train international neuroscientists and engineers.

The grant was awarded under the Partnerships for International Research and Education program, and will support the participation of 55 students and researchers in an international exchange program.

After completing neuroscience and neurotechnology “boot camps” hosted at the Universitorty, 40 undergraduate students will attend collaborating institutions to participate in summer research projects. The grant also allows 15 graduate students or postdoctoral researchers from U.S. labs to work in a collaborating lab.

Questions about brain function will be answered by optoelectrodes, technology capable of measuring signals from nerves that influence brain activity.

Collaborators in the five-year project will include scientists and researchers from Singapore, South Korea, New York, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom and Germany.

The project aims to stimulate and measure neurons with new technology purchased by the funding with the hope of improving the quality of data. 

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