A man allegedly under the influence of drugs was detained by University Police​ and eventually taken away in an ambulance after reportedly assaulting at least three people on the Diag on ​Wednesday night around 8 p.m​. 

Eyewitnesses on the Diag said the man attacked a group of people — causing a small group of students to intervene and hold him down until the police arrived on the scene. After he was​ subdued, the man repeatedly screamed a string of odd phrases, including “I am Buddha,” “water, water, water,” and “I am going to die … let me die.”

As he was loaded into the ambulance on a stretcher, he yelled out, “Acid, LSD..​.” Minutes later, an officer on the scene was overheard saying, “Somebody was tripping on acid, and it wasn’t good.”

​The Division of Public Safety and Security incident log said the subject “may have been having a drug reaction” and was taken to the University of Michigan Health System’s emergency department for treatment. The incident is currently listed as an open case. 
DPSS did not have additional information available as of Thursday afternoon.​


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