Two former leaders of the University’s now-disbanded fraternity, Sigma Alpha Mu, will enter pleas in a case pertaining to last year’s ski trip vandalism at Treetops Resorts, according to the Gaylord Herald Times.

Joshua Kaplan and Zachary Levin — former president and treasurer of SAM, respectively — both face one count each of providing alcohol to minors over the incident.

According to the Herald-Times, Otsego County Prosecutor Michael Rola received an e-mail Tuesday from the defense counsel for Kaplan and Levin indicating that both would sign a plea agreement.

Criminal charges have also been leveled against four other SAM members over the incident. Treetops has also brought a civil suit against multiple members of the fraternity, citing the damage done to the resort and alleged lack of cooperation at the time from members of the fraternity present.  

The incident additionally led University President Mark Schlissel to ban SAM from campus for at least four years in February.

During the January 2015 weekend trip, SAM and a University sorority, Sigma Delta Tau, caused an estimated $430,000 in damage, according to the resort. Treetops has alleged that the students intentionally inflicted damage and did not cooperate with the resort’s efforts to halt it. The amount of damage stems from $234,000 in property damage and an estimated $250,000 from business interruptions,  as estimated by Treetops accountants. The vandalism included destroying ceiling tiles and exit signs, breaking furniture and urinating on carpets.

Other former fraternity members who been sentenced in the case include Mathew Vlasic, Jesse Krumholz and Daniel Orleans.

Vlasic and Krumholz received misdemeanor charges for malicious destruction of a building, and Orleans was sentenced with a charge of malicious destruction of property less than $200. All received two years of probation, $5,000 in restitution, various fees and 100 community service hours.

By accepting pleas, Kaplan and Levin will avoid a trial originally scheduled for Jan. 13. Their sentencing will now be scheduled for a future date.

The misdemeanor charge facing the two carries up to 30 days in jail or a $1,000 fine, though in each of the previous cases for SAM members, the court has chosen to levy probation, fees and community services instead.

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