Those dying to get up close and personal with Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh have the chance to this Friday. From 3 to 4:30 p.m., Harbaugh will be signing autographs at The M Den on State Street.

Typically, an autograph is only available for retiring athletes headed for professional sports, according to The Detroit Free Press. This will be Harbaugh’s only public signing event since landing the position as head coach, making this the first opportunity for students and the public to meet with the head coach.

Those in attendance are limited to one free autograph, and a wristband is mandatory. Two hundred total wristbands will be handed out beginning at 9 a.m. at The M Den on Friday.

Fans with a wristband are welcome to bring their own object to be signed. Photos and other merchandise will also be sold for the event. Only those with a wristband and physically present at the event are guaranteed one item to be signed free of charge.

The signing event is slated to take place just 10 days before Harbaugh and his team start spring practice in Florida, a move that has sparked controversy amongst the SEC.

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