Jim Harbaugh won fourth place in the University of Michigan’s 2016 executive Central Student Government election, the same standing he achieved in last year’s election, according to unofficial results released Saturday morning.

The name Jim Harbaugh, which could refer either to Michigan Football coach Jim Harbaugh or the coach’s son James Harbaugh, an LSA freshman, garnered 215 votes, exactly 100 votes over last year’s total. The Defend Affirmative Action Party garnered third place with 390 votes.

After his fourth-place finish last year, Harbaugh the coach tweeted that he was “disappointed” with the results.

“Competitive juices flowing!,” the tweet read. “Hat in the ring for 2016 & will campaign w/ #EUTM”


Harbaugh also won one of ten representative positions for the Rackham School of Graduate Studies on the assembly, but was disqualified due to not being enrolled in the school.


Many variations of the name Harbaugh were also reported, including “JJJJJJIIIMMMMMM ​HHHAAARRRRBBBBAAAUUUGGGHHHH” and “Coach Harbaugh,” as well as a slate of executive tickets including Harbaugh and the ‘Diag Squirrel’.

Other off-campus individuals written in included U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) and Ohio Governor John Kasich (R), candidates for the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations, respectively, as well as Thomas Jefferson and Darth Vader. 

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