Last year, Engineering junior Chris Baldwin found himself as the poster child of a dark period in Michigan football history. After the last second 27-23 loss in the Michigan State game last year, his reaction was immortalized as a meme. But as of Saturday, Baldwin can finally follow up with a victorious pose after the University’s win against Michigan State University, 32-23.

In the waning seconds of last year’s game against Michigan State University, MSU overtook the Wolverines on a fumbled punt. The student section of the stadium was silent, jaws agape, at the quick turn of the scoreboard. Their shock was summed up perfectly with Baldwin’s stunned expression, hands clasped on his head in a pose social media users dubbed the “surrender cobra.” Baldwin quickly became an internet emblem, his face spread out among sports new outlets and Twitter accounts alike. An East Lansing T-shirt company, Michigan Shirt Works, even made T-shirts in his honor.

Baldwin is also a member of The Michigan Daily’s staff.

Baldwin said in an interview that he felt this weekend’s win was a personal redemption.

“It was a lot of fun being at the game, regardless of what happened last year,” he said. “If there was any curse around me, that’s done with.”

The past may be behind Baldwin, but the cameras still aren’t. He attended the game with a group of friends and took, by his count, more than 100 pictures with fans of both teams.

“People swarmed out of their seats to come talk to me,” he said.

Baldwin’s Twitter bio still reads “nationally famous for being a University of Michigan student and a sports fan,” a title he claimed after his face graced Facebook pages and Twitter timelines.

‘I guess I was doing the surrender cobra pose,” Baldwin said in an interview with the Daily last year. “And now everybody knows who I am … I felt a bunch of text messages right after the game ended, but I figured it was just people talking about the game because, of course, it was crazy, and then when I finally looked as we were getting ready to head out of the stadium, I had all sorts of texts and tweets and things on Facebook — all sorts of pictures and people talking about how I was suddenly famous.”

Moving forward, Baldwin said he’s ready to watch as Michigan proves itself as the best team in the state, and possibly the country.

“It was a game we really dominated the entire time,” he said. “I’m excited for the rest of the season.

Daily Staff Reporter Riyah Basha contributed reporting to this article.

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