“I’m Shmacked” — a film crew dedicated to producing internet videos that glorify college party culture and often garner millions of views — is coming to campus Saturday.

The video series will feature the University’s party scene for the first time since 2012. The group’s arrival in Ann Arbor comes just weeks after University administrators called out the series by name during an all-chapter mandatory meeting with University Greek life.

During the Sept. 10 meeting, in which University called on Greek life to stop perpetuating party culture, University President Mark Schlissel said the University’s reputation will suffer if the organization does not enact change.

“It’s not gonna be the kids who receive the Rhodes Scholarships and the Fulbright Scholarships, and the famous professors who do the work that you’re going to get reflected on for, or the National Medal for the Arts that our faculty won this past week,” Schlissel said. “It’s going to be the ‘Shmacked’ videos, so it’s really up to you what the value of your education is going to be, what the reputation of this institution’s going to be.”

Panhellenic Association President Maddy Walsh, a Business senior, said risk management training and measures have already been put in place in advance of Saturday’s football game against Michigan State.

“All of the Panhel chapter presidents know I’m Shmacked is coming now and that people are talking about it,” Walsh said. “Our leaders have had many conversations and stressed to their members that it could be one person pictured in the video, but that reflects just as much on the University as on themselves and their chapters. So with that in mind and with all of the educational measures we are putting in place, I’m hopeful the weekend will go well.”

Walsh also added this weekend Panhel is piloting a Social Liaison program, akin to the Interfraternity Council’s sober monitor program, and members have participated in trainings with a Student Life liaison from the Division of Public Safety and Security.

“I’m Shmacked or no I’m Shmacked, PanHel has been doing a lot of work to implement risk management strategies because we know it’s going to be such a big weekend, with College Game Day here and it being the Michigan State game,” Walsh said. 

Correction: A previous version of this article said Maddy Walsh was an LSA junior. She is a Business senior. 

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