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Hyperion Coffee Co. celebrated the grand opening of its new West Liberty Street location on Friday. 

The Ypsilanti-based coffee roaster provides wholesale coffee around Ann Arbor and the broader Metro Detroit area. Eric Mullins, who co-owns the company along with Dan Kubera and Alex Merz, said the owners decided to open this new location to expand their business and showcase their carefully curated coffee selection.

“We have a very personal relationship with a lot of our producers, and we like to know where our coffees come from,” Mullins said. “We’re having conversations about soil quality and picking processes and how the coffee is actually milled and how it’s exported, how it’s put in bags — every single minute detail, and I don’t think anybody else is really doing that. We’re trying to be very intentional about our process, from sourcing all the way to how we’re preparing coffee.”

Hyperion’s coffee is currently brewed in more than 20 coffee shops in Ann Arbor such as Argus Farm Stop, Ann Arbor Brewing Company and Thrive Juicery.

Each espresso shot is ground and measured by weight on “top-of-the-line” equipment, guaranteeing precision for the most delicious coffee, Mullins said. Hyperion baristas also complete additional paid training every month, Mullins said, to help them continuously improve their coffee creation skills and learn more about coffee quality. 

In addition to high-quality espresso and coffee, Hyperion also offers oat milk and a rotating selection of locally sourced pastries, including vegan and gluten-free options.

Mullins said that though Ypsilanti is Hyperion’s home base, the company is excited about the opportunity to cater to new consumers and work within a new community.

Within the week of Hyperion’s soft opening, Mullins said, Hyperion has events set up in partnership with other local businesses.

“It gives us an opportunity to expand how we’re approaching the customer base and reaching more people,” Mullins said. “I think it’s gonna be really awesome for the business.”

LSA sophomore Maggie Schmidt saw the sign for Hyperion while on a morning walk and wanted to stop in for the grand opening. She said she enjoys checking out local “third-wave” coffee shops like Hyperion.

“I like cozy vibes, cool people who are really into what they do, and I really like trying new coffee,” Schmidt said. “It’s very small and cozy, and I like the old building.”

Medical School student Aiza Bustos first became a fan of Hyperion at their Ypsilanti location and found out about the new location through Instagram.

“I’m excited that it’s a little closer rather than having to drive to (Ypsilanti) to enjoy the environment that they create in their space,” Bustos said.

Bustos said Hyperion’s friendly staff and high-quality coffee make the new Liberty location an ideal study spot.

“I tend to study in coffee shops for the most part, so I like locations that are kind of busy but not too loud,” Bustos said. “I’m just looking for a good cup of coffee. Hyperion always delivers on that.”

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