If Drake hasn’t called you on your cell phone lately, maybe you should check your e-mail.

Wednesday evening, many University students received multiple e-mails from an address called “hotlineblingblingboi@gmail.com,” each e-mail containing a line from Drake’s famous song, “Hotline Bling”

The messages were sent to individual University e-mail addresses, not a listserv.


The e-mails were sent over a span of a few minutes, with students taking to Twitter to share their reactions.

The Michigan Daily is currently running a Twitter poll, asking students if they’ve received e-mails from the source. Take the poll here.


By clicking “show original” on a drop down box in the individual e-mails, more information about the source of the messages and the intended audience is made clear. The source is cited as “Michael’s Macbook Pro” and for “LSA Sophomore Initiative”



The University does not authorize community members to assume another person’s identity or communicate via e-mail address with another person without truthfully introducing themselves, according to Standard Practice Guide Policies.

“You may not communicate or act under the guise, name, identification, email address, signature, or indicia of another person without proper authorization, nor may you communicate under the rubric of an organization, entity, or unit that you do not have the authority to represent,” the SPG 601.19 guideline states.

Consequences for violating the guideline range from disciplinary action to dismissal and legal action, depending on the severity of the offense.

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