University of Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh took on a new role this weekend — actor.

During the musical Big Fish, put on by MUSKET!, the University’s student-run musical theatre organization, Harbaugh sat in the audience for most of the show, but then took to the stage when the cast needed a little extra help.

Harbaugh didn’t have any lines, but his role included handing a football helmet to the main character, Edward Bloom. Though his time on the stage was only about 5 minutes, when he took and left the stage, the audience gave a vocal and loud applause.  

Big Fish is a musical adapted from a book and movie, following the journey of a father and son as they grapple with the father’s ailing health and the son’s search for the truth about his father’s life as he sifts through stories his father has told.

Harbaugh took to Twitter prior to the show to express his excitement about it, noting that his son, LSA freshman James, was in the show and his family would be attending all three showings of the musical.

MUSKET! also tweeted their excitement for his involvement in the musical.

After the show, students were enthusiastic online as well, thanking Harbaugh for his participation.

The show took place over a span of three days, with Harbaugh featured in every performance. 

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