After diving into shallow water to retrieve a volleyball at Lake Sherwood in Commerce Township, rising business junior Taylor Janssen broke his neck at the C5 vertebrae. Janssen was taken to the University Hospital, where he was treated in the intensive care unit until Wednesday, when he was transferred to a general hospital room to focus on physical therapy and talking.

Rising LSA junior Seth Johnson, Janssen’s friend and fellow Phi Kappa Psi fraternity brother, helped to set up a Gofundme page to raise money to help cover Janssen’s medical expenses. As of Wednesday, the page has raised $137,954.

Johnson said the fundraiser is the productive effort between his fraternity brothers.

“I set up the page with the family’s permission but it was really an effort of all his friends,” Johnson wrote in an e-mail to the Daily. “The idea came from his fraternity brothers [Phi Kappa Psi] of which I am one.”

Janssen’s father, Mark Janssen, said in interview with MLive the incident has been emotional for his family.

“It’s devastating — I won’t sugarcoat it,” Mark said. “He’s a strong kid. It is what it is.”

According to Johnson, Janssen was initially emotional once he got over the shock, but has made significant progress since then.

“Taylor is a strong kid,” Johnson wrote. “Understandably, it has been an emotional process as the reality of his situation has set in. Since then, however, Taylor has held an incredibly positive attitude, focusing on surpassing every physical therapy goals given to him.”

Johnson added the accident has not affected Janssen’s mental state.

“He is completely there mentally, and is the same old Taylor,” Johnson wrote.

Both Janssen’s father and Johnson credit the tremendous amount of support he has received for his progress.

In addition to the support from the gofundme page, Janssen has received support from the University’s football players, who visited Janssen at his hospital bedside. Coach Jim Harbaugh sent him an e-mail. The 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team captain Mike Eruzione tweeted his support for Janssen, and former Detroit Red Wings coach Mike Babcock sent the family an inspirational video. The hashtag #JanssenStrong helped spread Janssen’s story on social media, building a community of supporters.

“It really kind of blows my mind away,” Mark Janssen said. “I’m just shocked by the response and humbled, all at the same time.”

LSA rising junior Gabrielle Houska, Janssen’s friend, said she finds it great to see support from all over.

“It’s been amazing to see so many different communities come together to support Taylor and his family,” Houska said. “Every donation counts, and every ‘share’ shows the Janssens how much support they have behind them.”

Houska added Taylor’s friends hope to support him to return the positivity Taylor has given them.

“So many of his friends hope to support him in any way that returns one of the hundreds of smiles he put on our faces,” Houska said.

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